Our black and white moggy, Tinker

Having met my first Maine Coon about 5 years ago, I longed to get one, but it didn't seem fair on my moggy Tinker. Tinker ruled the roost and had managed to successfully train my 2 dogs into thinking he was the leader of the pack. Secretly, I think he thought he was a dog (a bad knock on the head from a car in his early years seemingly leaving him one can short of a six pack), although his favourite trick was to rugby tackle my ankles as I was coming downstairs first thing in the morning.

black_and_white_moggy_TinkerWe all loved Tinker, and when he 'went ski-ing' (meaning was put down by the vet), we were all, dogs included, at a loss. Bless you Tinker, RIP.

Nevertheless, it took 2 more years (including a big house move) before we started the search proper for a blue/white Maine Coon kitten to replace our great black/white moggy. What an act to follow!

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