Time to prepare the house for the new arrival

OK, so I've ordered the extra large litter tray, tidied and cleaned the spare room (yes, she will have her own room... to start with), won a Cat Activity Centre on Ebay which I assembled with some difficulty yesterday, what now?

Asiatic Lily plantMy other love is gardening and plants, so I do have quite a few house plants in my home. I remember once reading an article about lily pollen being extremely dangerous for cats if ingested, so I decided to look up my house plants to find out if they too are toxic. That's when I found the ASPCA website, and their list of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats, dogs and horses. Really useful and with a search facility in case you don't know all the Latin names.

OK so all house plants now gathering dust in the garage, where's the cat carry and will it be big enough? Perfect timing, my Mum called me and asked if I wanted the cat carry back which had been in their loft. Thankfully, it is big enough (for now) as I bought it originally for 2 kittens which eventually went to live with my Mum when I went travelling well over 10 years ago.

So, here comes the commercial stuff - I've found that PetPlanet is particularly good for Van Ness products (recommended by Maine Coon breeders). TIP: don't stint on size - Maine Coons grow big and you don't want to have to buy a bigger litter tray/cat carry/cat bed etc in a couple of years.

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