I just couldn't resist one more visit

blue_white_Maine_Coon_kitten6 weeks seemed a long time to wait for Bella Cloud to be ready to come home with us, so I plucked up courage and drove over to Uckfield one more time to see how she was progressing. Now almost 9 weeks old, she'd moved into the lounge with all the other kittens who were waiting to go to their new homes. There were 5 of her brothers and sisters, 2 from another litter with Mum, Raja the 14 week old boy kept for breeding due to his unusual colouring and his Mum.

Entering the lounge, Guinevere immediately approached me for a stroke (and probably to check blue_white_Maine_Coon_kittenme out) and then allowed me to locate Bella Cloud from behind the sofa where she was having a great rough and tumble with one of her brothers. It took a little while, but eventually she started playing with me (my jumper, my handbag, my shoelaces, etc). My camera was of particular interest.

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