She's here.....!

My longed-for Maine Coon has arrived.  She's currently residing in my spare bedroom and slowly dominating the entire household.  Both dogs are reacting predictably - my Lurcher has taken to talking or rather squeaking to her through the door, and my Border Collie is pretending she's invisible.

Anyway, she's gorgeous.  Her little face, fluffy white tummy and dark brown eyes (which were blue in earlier photos) make her simply irresistable.  All I want to do is cuddle her - but she'd far rather chase a ball across the floor or charge out of her room and down the corridor at 60mph.  She's an absolute bundle of playfulness, and hasn't stopped eating.  I particularly love her feathers on the tip of her ears and in between her toes.

Here's some photos of my new baby Bella Cloud, now 12 weeks old.

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