From wild fluffy ball of terror to purring happy cat....

Bella Cloud is just lovely... middle of last week, I was prepared to start wearing my thick gardening gloves because my hands were being pounced on, swiped and bitten quite frequently.  But quite suddenly, she's realised that being touched and stroked is enjoyable, so my hands are now being licked.  Literally overnight, she's gone from a semi-wild fluffy ball of terror to an affectionate, purring pussy cat who even sat on my lap last night & slept.  I'm convinced she's doubled in size too, and only wish I'd found a way to weigh her when she first arrived because she's so much bigger now. 

In the last couple of days, everything has fallen into place - the dogs are no longer looking concerned when she gets too close, and she's stopped jumping in the air every time one of them moves.  She's absolutely fascinated with my border collie (can she sense that Maisie's a female too?) and spends a lot of time watching her play and copying her.  Our last cat grew up thinking he was a dog - so maybe Bella Cloud will too (no - she's too smart for that!).

Here are a few photos I took just now - can you see how much she's grown?

Life is so exhausting...!

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